Latency-resistant content
delivery for mobile apps

Fast images and video delivery, no matter the user’s network.
We fight latency from the user-side to end with those unbearable loading times that drive users out of your app.

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Fast mobile apps, regardless of network conditions

Codavel delivers all your mobile content fast and uninterrupted, even under the worst network conditions.
A smooth app experience, for any user, anytime, anywhere.

Fast on any network

The only content delivery solution built
and optimized specifically for your mobile apps.

Resilient to any conditions

Transform your tail-end sessions into
near-perfect experiences.

Fighting network instability
from the user-side

Tailor-made to deliver content to mobile apps, Bolina is the truly mobile-first protocol developed by Codavel, built upon innovative network coding techniques. Bolina handles the worst network conditions, presenting robustness against latency and packet loss, regardless of the user’s network, device, location, or time.

Optimized mobile content delivery for any app and any content

Some examples: 


Video streaming

Get more playtime with fast video startup, less buffering and top-quality video.



Unlock faster conversions by making your products load instantly in front of your users.


Social Media

Make your users stick to your app and increase engagement with faster content loading times.



Load your ads fast to increase impressions and user engagement.

Just import our SDK and you are ready to go

To use Codavel Performance Service, you just need to import our SDK to your Android or iOS app, with only 3 lines of code.


Built on top of leading-edge cloud infrastructures