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from loading time variation
for every user.

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How it works

High-performance mobile app for all your users, regardless of network connection

Loading times vary dramatically in WiFi, 3G, 4G or even in the upcoming 5G. Even with the best CDN performance, the user experience in your mobile app is dramatically impaired by this inherent unpredictability of wireless connections.


This can only be solved by ensuring robustness to the instability caused by network latency and losses.


With Codavel SDK, you get a last-mile mobile acceleration solution that will improve app performance, by ensuring your app is fast and responsive, no matter what’s the user network, device or location.

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Main Features

Faster loading times,
better business KPIs

Robustness against latency and packet loss

Codavel SDK ensures fast loading times even in network connections with high latency or packet loss. It also significantly decreases the number of network errors.

Speed up static and dynamic content

Codavel SDK improves the response time of any network call, even for content that can’t be cached, such as d ynamic or encrypted.

Seamless network handover

Codavel SDK improves the response time of any network call, even for content that can’t be cached, such as dynamic or encrypted.

Drag and Drop SDK for Android and iOS

Optimize your app’s performance with an SDK that controls the network end-to- end, regardless of link conditions. Just three lines of code and you are in control!

Improved business metrics

You’ll be able to ensure every user has an outstanding experience, which will boost your KPIs: DAU, Retention and Churn Rates, Session Duration, Sessions per User, LTV, ARPU, Conversion Rate.

Visibility to performance improvements

You’ll get access to dashboards where you can see the benefit Codavel SDK brings to your app. Also, Codavel gives insights about your app's performance, showing how you can optimize your app.

Be one of the first to have every user with 5-star experience.

Want your app to deliver a fast wifi experience even if the user is on a slower 3g connection? We can help you with that.

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80% reduction in loading time variations when
compared to CDN performance

For every user on any network


Give your users outstanding mobile shopping experience. With Codavel SDK, you will ensure all your users go through a seamless shopping process, diminishing drop-off rates and increasing customer satisfaction.


No more buffer time, maximum video quality. Increase your users watch time by giving them the best video experience in the market.


Browsing on social media without any breaks. Your user's feed content loaded in no time, pushing user retention and NPS to new levels.


Playtime without interruptions. Ads without buffering. Give your user-base faster updates and increase playtime. The fun never has to stop.