Ensure your mobile app is fast,
no matter the user’s network

Stop losing users due to high loading times:
25% more sessions below 3s. 

Content delivery robust to WiFi, 3G or 4G instability:
Fast loading even in slower user networks.

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How it works

25% more user sessions
loading under 3s

Lower loading times
Less loading time variance

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What can this mean to you?

For streaming
Less buffering, higher quality, more watch time

For social media
More user engagement, more sessions, more conversions

For shopping
Less dropped sessions, more revenue

Codavel Performance Service

More users with great experience

Get faster loading times, with less volatility and fewer network errors. For both static and dynamic content.

Fully managed

Tell us what traffic do you want to optimize and in what regions via Codavel Web Console. We take care of everything else for you.

Easy to enable

Just drag-and-drop our mobile SDK and start using with just 3 lines of code. For both Android and iOS apps.

Strong built-in security

Get end-to-end encryption, with all requests kept private and secure. Codavel does not access the content: it’s encrypted to everyone, including Codavel.

Full performance visibility

See your app’s performance in detail in Codavel Web Console. Includes A/B testing to allow you to evaluate the impact of Bolina on your app.

Attack protection

Get DDoS protection and WAF to safeguard your origin servers.

Be one of the first to have every user with 5-star experience.

Want your app to deliver a fast wifi experience even if the user is on a slower 3g connection? We can help you with that.

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We will help you find out from where you
are getting the most harm, and fix it