Fast video streaming, no matter the user’s network


The usual video streaming optimizations are crucial to ensure a fast video startup, but they are not enough to deal with wireless last-mile problems that make video startup time highly volatile.
Codavel Performance Service most recent results show a 32% reduction in the average video startup time, a 64% reduction of video startup variance, and 46% more user sessions with a video startup time below 2 seconds.

Reduced startup times

Get your users to start watching as soon as they touch on the play button, with an always fast video startup time.

Less buffering

Give your users video streaming without interruptions. Less time waiting, more time watching.

Less variability

Provide consistent video streaming across your entire user base. Video streaming without frictions.

User experience insights

Get to know your user's pains. We provide all the tools for you to analyze and learn from your user's actions.

Better video experience

High-definition video deliver with faster startup times and no rebuffering are the foundations for perfect user experience.

Fully managed

Tell us what traffic you want to optimize and in what regions via Codavel Web Console. We take care of everything else for you.

Performance visibility

See your video streaming app’s performance in detail with Codavel Web Console, and evaluate Bolina's impact.

A/B Testing

Select which traffic and users get Bolina, and create groups based on conditions, by location, network type, HTTP header, or URL match pattern.


Improving video startup time with Codavel

46% more user sessions with video startup time below 2 seconds

25% more user sessions with video startup time below 3 seconds

18% more user sessions with video startup time below 5 seconds

Less variation, a better streaming service

Average video startup time: -32%


Median video startup time: -26%


Video startup time standard deviation: -64%

Learn more on our performance report

Groundbreaking mobile-first protocol, Bolina

Developed by Codavel specifically for mobile apps, Bolina is optimized to outperform video streaming services sent over HTTP and its latest version HTTP3 (based on QUIC).


The results are a large reduction in video startup time across all percentiles and significant improvements in its stability, which translates into a better experience for the user, and more video playtime without interruptions.

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Get to know your user's pains 

Performance analysis on the user actions you want to analyze.


See the cumulative distribution function of user actions below a given time duration.


See the average and percentiles for user actions time duration.


See the total number of users, per location, per network technology, per OS version, and per device model.

Get all the details on our
Video Streaming Performance Report