The smoothest feed scrolling - Get your videos and pictures in front of millions of users instantly 

Bolina is a unique mobile-first protocol, tailor-made to deliver both dynamic and static content to anywhere in the world, even to regions with the most challenging network conditions.


With Codavel, you can deliver up to 76% more videos and pictures on your user’s feed, per second, without compromising quality or reliability.
Codavel sits on top of any current market solution to help your content arrive safe and sound, to be enjoyed with no interruptions and amazing quality.

Content engagement without interruptions
for every one of your users, wherever they are

Unique leading-edge mobile-first protocol, built specifically for content delivery in mobile apps

Deliver top-quality images and videos, in any format, for both Android and iOS

Bring the full potential of your app to regions where you couldn't before

The most efficient and reliable way of delivering content on feeds

You can go for thousands of optimizations, or even opt to build a lite version of your app, but odds are that you will still be fighting unstable network connections whenever they happen. And when they do, scrolling on a feed can become an awful experience, as videos start stalling, images keep loading, and none of the interactive parts of the app seem to work.


Codavel has built Bolina with this issue in mind, to create the most resilient content delivery solution against unstable networks, able to deliver your pictures and videos into your user’s feed in a way that delivers that desired instantaneous feeling. A true infinite scroll experience that every one of your users will be able to enjoy, wherever they are, even in the most ruthless network conditions.

Take your media where you never could before

Codavel Service thrives where most CDNs and other content delivery solutions fail: delivering your content fast and consistently everywhere, under any kind of conditions.


Emerging markets like Latin America or India are today among the most attractive markets in the world, but they can be also the most challenging ones due to infrastructural limitations and slow wireless connections. Codavel ensures we can bring all those new users to the table and give them the smoothest experience they deserve and expect.

Maximum performance,
low latency for videos and images

With no control over the network, no one can expect major achievements.
This is the reason why Codavel’s team invested more than 10 years of R&D ensuring Bolina covers the network from end-to-end, ensuring resilience against latency, jitter, and packet loss. Bolina was built on top of leading-edge technology, leveraging network coding techniques to deliver massive throughput optimizations that can boost the in-app experience of your users to a whole new level.


Curious about how we get there? Take a look at our social network’s performance report

Get your user experience under control 

Performance analysis on the user actions you want to analyze.
See the cumulative distribution function of user actions below a given time duration.
See the average and percentiles for user actions time duration.
See the total number of users, per location, per network technology, per OS version, and per device model.

Get everything you need to ensure a
top-quality experience

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The smoothest feed scrolling

Let you user start engaging with their favorite content without any frictions

Reduced loading times

Give your users a perfect experience without interruptions. Less time waiting, more time engaging.

Less variability

Provide consistent media delivery across your entire user base, even in the hardest networks conditions

User experience insights

Get to know your user's pains. We provide all the tools for you to analyze and learn from your user's actions.

Better media experience

Double the content you deliver per second while ensuring the best media quality, and no excessive loading times

Fully managed

Tell us what traffic you want to optimize and in what regions via Codavel Web Console. We take care of everything else for you.

Performance visibility

See your media delivery performance in detail with Codavel Web Console, and evaluate Bolina's impact.

A/B Testing

Select which traffic and users get Bolina, and create groups based on conditions, by location, network type, HTTP header, or URL match pattern.

Get all the details on our
Social Networks Performance Report

Easy integration