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Mobile Apps Performance: From development to network protocols

Mobile apps are definitely an indispensable part of our lives, and companies are now recognizing the importance of a mobile-first approach and an outstanding mobile app experience in order to reach and retain customers.

After all, besides becoming app dependent, people are also becoming extremely demanding regarding how apps perform: 49% of users expect apps to respond in 2 seconds or less (source). Even though a necessity, is ensuring mobile app performance that simple? Not really.

Mobile apps performance is a product of multiple factors, which are not always dependent on the app development itself. The user, however, is not interested in the reasons why his or her app does not work. When users are not satisfied, the answer is clear: they look for a competitor. That said, companies need to control as many factors as they can – but how do you know you’re in the right path?

We believe that gathering people that face this kind of challenges on their daily jobs and start a discussion is probably one of the most valuable ways to learn, share knowledge and find solutions. That’s why we decided to organize a meetup last February 21 in San Francisco, in which we had the pleasure to have Rudro Samanta, Senior Software Engineer at Uber; Swapnil Patel, Director of Mobile Engineering at Verizon Media; and Subodh Iyengar, Lead of the QUIC Transport Team at Facebook; as speakers.

Mobile app performance was presented and discussed by hands-on people from three different points of view: measurement, development and the influence of network protocols.

Here’s the video of the full panel.

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