Unique mobile-first protocol built to
speed up your content delivery, no
matter the user's network

Specially designed to manage and serve content to mobile apps, Codavel developed Bolina, the only true mobile-first protocol built upon innovative network coding techniques, and capable of handling the worst network conditions, presenting robustness against latency and packet loss, regardless of the user’s network, device, location, or time.

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What to expect from Codavel?

Definitive solution to stop unbearable loading times from continually destroying the user's experience.

The most resilient solution to deliver content efficiently without interruptions, even under the worst network conditions.

Lightning-fast static and dynamic content delivery to boost videos, images, or any other type of content.

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Why Codavel?

Latest edge technology for content delivery

Codavel's unique mobile-first protocol, Bolina, is the result of more than 10 years of R&D in network coding. It doesn't matter if it's video, images, or any other content. Ensure fast and consistent mobile loading times, without worries about the quality of the user's WiFi, 3G, or 4G network.

Compatible with any multi-CDN strategy

On-premises or as a cloud service, Codavel identifies your content delivery needs and instantaneously adapts to your multi-CDN strategy without performance regressions, all deployed with seamless integration.

No performance regressions, even if it fails

In case something goes sideways, our SDK will automatically fall back to your original endpoints, ensuring no performance regressions. You can also switch off the SDK remotely at any time, without any app update. More, you can select which traffic you want to optimize, leaving everything else untouched.

Top-notch security

Get full end-to-end encryption, with all requests kept private and secure. TLS 1.3 based full encryption with ChaCha20 and authentication with Poly1305. Your content is secure and encrypted to everyone, including Codavel.

75 PoPs across the globe

Codavel Cloud is built on top of leading-edge cloud infrastructure, with 75 PoPs across the globe. Codavel Cloud scales and adapts its size instantly as demand requires. With Codavel Cloud PoPs and Bolina protocol, you can reach all users with top performance while optimizing your costs.

Management and visibility

Tell us what traffic you want to optimize and in what regions via Codavel Web Console. We can take care of everything else for you. You can A/B test and monitor every detail of the experience your users are getting, and ensure all runs smoothly.

Promising performance results tested on the market, easily replicable for each of our customers*

* Results obtained from 1700 different user sessions. All sessions performed the same action both with HTTP in a leading CDN and Codavel Performance Service.




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