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In the 15th century, the Portuguese revolutionized the way goods were transported worldwide. They gathered the best knowledge, mobilized a small country towards a vision and made the most effective use of the scarce resources available to disrupt and improve how the world was connected. We believe that one of the most valuable goods today, digital content, is ripe for a similar revolution. A revolution that can dramatically improve content delivery to end-users worldwide.

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Our values

Our key to success


We focus on maximizing the value we deliver to our customers, driven by their needs. This includes optimizing all customer interactions with our solutions.


We are efficient, not only in our products’ performance, but also in our internal processes. Keep it simple. Do not reinvent the wheel.


We believe the relationship between the value we bring to our customers and our efficiency to deliver that value is expressed by profit. So we focus on profit.


We are as eager today as the very first day we started. We are uncomfortable with comfort. We demand pressure.


Move fast, break things (borrowed from Facebook). We focus on minimum viable deliveries. We take risks, embrace failure, learn. Failure is fundamental for innovation.


Our unique technological approach is our unfair advantage, thus IP is very important for us. But only important IP. No patent trolling.


People are our most valuable asset. We want the best. Continuous challenges make the best even better. We are a family. But the most important family is not Codavel, so a good work-life balance is fundamental.


Stick to our values and principles. No buts about it.

Meet the team


Rui Costa

Intrepid leader. Product driven. Team advocate. Passionate problem solver. Wireless market expert. In a relationship with network coding.


Diogo Ferreira

Tech master. Code lover. Little genius of network coding implementation. Free spirit with industrial experience and a crush on entrepreneurship.


Jon Castor

Avid entrepreneur. Market knowledgeable. Company builder with a vast experience of Merge and Acquisitions. Entrepreneurship bible.


Isabel Pinto

In a jungle of engineers, she makes sure things run smoothly.


João Almeida

He really doesn’t believe the turtle beats the rabbit.


João Araújo

He loves puzzles. We love to destroy his puzzles.

Customer Experience

João Almeida

He believes customer’s perception shapes reality. A behavior can be bought, loyalty has to be earned.


Francisco Lé

Always looking for the North Star. He truly believes that a product cannot be everything to everyone.


Paulo Oliveira

He’s preparing us to the event of an asteroid colliding with Earth.


Ricardo Ferreira

He’s the gatekeeper, turning chaos into unicorns.


Claudio Gonçalves


Miguel Lucas


Mario Silva


Cristiano Barbosa

Software Developer

Guilherme Pelayo